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Our billing software is one of the easiest and cost effective software which can be used for any type of billing requirements. Build up of sales, tracking stock, payment and the performance of saless/marketing personnel, multi-segmented reports and lot more have become the requisite of an efficient retail management system.

A simple bill entry itself maintains the stock and accounts automatically. Bill-customer & supplier master & transaction details are automatically updated at any point of time can be seen as a report with various criteria for filtering the data. Like date range, particular customer or supplier or product or product group band and many more options.

Restaurant Billing (KOT)
For a restaurant billing & stock maintenance for the stores, this edition will be very useful to have an idea about the entire restaurant business including finance module. KOT (Kitchen Order taking) is a good feature for printing the item on which kitchen it can be prepared. This can be configured on which item to print where the printer location, like wise any number of printer location can be created. Then configure the location on each item to be. Stock maintenance & KOT item can be differentiate on the master level itself. Bill of Material master can be configured for which item to be prepared and what are the raw material to be consume for the particular item for each quantity. Based on the configuration raw material consumption reports can be generated at any time of the day.
The restaurant billing comes the following

  1. Table booking
  2. KOT booking
  3. Restaurant billing
  4. Bar stock & inventory control of selected group of items (liquir etc)
Pharmacy Billing
To maintain a medical shop or pharmacy using the software is much easier job. Main core of the business a medical shop (or) pharmacy using to his edition of the software is much easier job. Main core of the business this software taking care & end of the day the reports are generated with your essential information. Product name with generic & make and the batch number and expiry date of the product would be available during the purchase entry itself. .

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Billing Software Services